Eerdmans' Handbook to the Bible

David Alexander and Pat Alexander

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What's this book all about?

The Bible is the world's most frequently read book. But it was written in a world far different and far removed from our own, and even in its modern translations, there is much it does not tell us about that world. From the pages of the Bible itself, we learn relatively little, for example, about everyday life during the time of Moses, or about geography, climate, weights and measures, or money. And we learn even less about the culture and the character of those early civilizations that surrounded the nation of Israel, and that played so prominent a role in the scriptural account. The Eerdmans' Handbook to the Bible has been designed to meet that need. Here, in this comprehensive and fully illustrated reference volume, the reader can see and understand the Bible in its historical context and will find answers to almost every imaginable question about biblical times and places. The Handbook is divided into four sections for convenient use. It begins with general information about the Bible, including articles on various texts and translations, guidelines to biblical interpretation, and a chart on "Christianity and World Ideologies." Here, too, is a helpful essay on "Meeting Objections to a Christian View of the Bible." Following are substantial sections on the Old and the New Testaments. Each begins with a chart outlining the types of literature that make up these major divisions of the Bible and includes as well descriptive accounts of daily life in Israel before and during the time of Christ.