Men Made New

John R. W. Stott

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What's this book all about?

Men Made New is a concise commentary for the pastor's and Bible teacher's bookshelf as well as a book to be read devotionally by all lovers of God's word. First published in 1966 and reprinted frequently since, Men Made New is well known for its clear exposition of the great themes of Romans 5-8.

The author sites the book of Romans as the "fullest and most coherent manifesto of the Christian gospel in the New Testament." He focuses on Romans 5-8 because these chapters "form a compact unity." He explains further:

These four chapters, then, depict the great privileges of justified believers, of men made new, the rich inheritance (both now and eternal) which is ours if we are Christ's. What are these privileges? Each chapter concentrates on one of them: first peace with God, next union with Christ, then freedom from the law, and finally life in the spirit.