Alive in Christ

Maxie D. Dunnam

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You can pick up your book at 2106 S. Tucker Street, Pittsburg, KS 66762 or email to request shipment to your location.

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How much does it cost?

This rental costs you nothing. It's free. We simply ask you to return it in a timely manner and in similar condition as you received it.

When do I return my book?

You can return your book to 2106 S. Tucker Street, Pittsburg, KS 66762 when you finish reading it. We don't have a time limit, but we do ask that you are respectful to others as we only have a limited quantity of each book.

What's this book all about?

"The Word of the Lord comes to us in a lot of different ways, from varied sources, and in all sorts of circumstances. Bushes are often aflame all around us, but we fail to see. God is persistently speaking, though we allow more clamorous noises to drown out his "still small voice." I am learning slowly to stay alert, to look and listen, for the Lord's reminder that the ground on which I stand is holy and I need to take off my shoes for a while and give attention to what is being communicated... I ask you to be open to the Holy Spirit to use my folly and God's "foolishness" as a means of transforming, strengthening, hope-giving grace to you."

- Author Maxie Dunnam


In her book, Dunnam exemplifies what it means to live a life with Jesus. She addresses the matter of spiritual growth and development as it pertains to living a life on this earth, walking with Jesus Christ.